Expectation of Preschools!

We hope that your child's time here will be a stimulating, exciting and happy learning experience. In a caring and accepting environment, your child will be able to build upon the social, emotional and intellectual foundation which you have laid. Your child will be able to experiment with new activities, explore the creative possibilities of art and craft, the exhilaration of adventurous play, develop ideas and communicate them freely. They will have the opportunity to develop and practice the social skills that are so important for a happy and satisfying life. Your child will learn to respect the rights of others, and the value of cooperation and sharing with others.

Pre-school aged children are primarily developing their physical organs and skills through sensory perception and interaction with their environment, more through 'doing' than through thinking and reasoning. The pre-school provides a safe environment with a range of activities available to engage the children and foster healthy development. They are designed to allow the child's imagination to be active in creative play, for example by using toys or objects whose function or character is not fixed but changes with each new game or situation.